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ByteCrest understands the diversity of the business nature; hence we offer flexible delivery solutions to our clients. Every business is unique and required an identical approach sustaining in the competition. We understand the complexity faced by our customers during the software development lifecycle; therefore we have evolved methods and approach to facilitate consistent performance to our clients by bringing flexible engagement models that support the cost strategy and manage the risk.


Fixed Priced Model

We recommend this model to our clients who have a small or mid-size project. This option is ideal for the client having precise information about the project specifications, features, and schedules to develop an application. We analyze client’s requirements, prepare a project plan, and sign a detailed agreement with the client to facilitate timely delivery.


Time and Material Model

When the project scope, requirements, specifications, and implementation plan is not defined and the project may undergo any dynamical changes, then the business can opt for Time and Material Model. This model gives flexibility about the project size, workload, developer’s team, and time. The project cost is calculated based on the time and resources spent on the project.


Dedicated Team Model

We provide a dedicated team to our clients for the decided period of time that 100% concentrates on the projects they are assigned to. Client gains full management control of the dedicated team and track the project progress. As the scope is not strictly defined, so the client can expand the team whenever required. Working with the dedicated team gives complete control and show visible results.

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